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Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's always been about me myself and I
If all relationships were nothing but a waste of time
I never wanted to be anybody's other half
I was happy to say that our love wouldn't last
That was the only way I knew to that you

Love Myspace Comments
You make we wanna say
I do,Yeah, I do
Cause every time before we spend like
Maybe yes and maybe no
I can live without it, I can let it go
I did, I get myself into
You make we wanna say I do

Kisses Myspace Comments

Tell me is it only me
Do you feel the same? 
You know me well enough to know that I'm not playing games 
I promise I won't turn around and
I won't let you down You can trust and never feel it now Baby there's nothing, there's nothing we can't get through

Bye Myspace Comments

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


u know i posted sumthing saying i broke up with Zaki 
yeah i've delete it xD coz we didnt acctually officially or acctually break up
coz i was overact . i know his a busy mann so yeah need to understand him more ! 
so this one solution n i made up my mind to put his pic in my wallet hahaha
so that it reminds me that i have boyfriend
not much to say today so .
chowww ~~ 

-Nadya E-pic-

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New things New Camera ! whoots

Hello! Myspace Comments

what up peepss !!
so yeah i have a new cameraaaaaa n U DONT ! hahaha
Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

so yeah i tested my new camera n so here is the result :)

Captured by henny hen hen lol :P 
kind of suckish tho hahha
heres next

weirdo i know hahha
i dont know why i did that pose haha
feels like a flower girl
i wish i was the bride :P
lol without bride groom hahahaha

candid that came out nice hahha
yay camera man hahha
good job ;)
good thing i dont have to pay you a penny hahha
or not i'd be broke at the time lolss 

this is the masterpiece haha
the most fugly pic with my weird shorts n shirt hahaha
just WOAH haha 
u know what i mean hahah !
ok too much :P

next !!!

Cartoons Myspace Comments

this one ...... emmmmm
idk ... u decide lol :P
didnt acctually listen to songs 
was just u know 
feeell lol
(yap to much)

Yay for Nadya E-pic 
yeah i fail at editing 
amature edit pics like that
so what ? 
haha idk :P

hasta lavista bebeh!!
Bye Myspace Comments

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Friday, June 3, 2011

This is what appears in my head teehee

Hello! Myspace Comments

i sit alone in my room 
cry of lonelyness coz of you 
you leave me alone 
Broken Heart Myspace Comments

you seek for other girls
how could you do ?
you break my heart !

Emo Myspace Comments

but after you go 
i got a better person then you
he appreciate me 
he loves me 

Love Myspace Comments

more then you did toward me
i want you to know that im very happy know
dont wanna be with you anymore
but soon you'll realise 

that ...
you need my love 
you need my heart 
you need me 

but TOO BAD !

Insults Myspace Comments

Nadya E-pic 

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello! Myspace Comments

yesterday i called you , you didnt answer
you told me you were out on a dinner 
you told me you were out with ur friend 
but when i ask Tommy he said it wasnt true !

so i drove my car to Damansara
Tommy said maybe your watching football
but when i arrive you !!! YOUR NOT THERE
and i become hella MAD !

so i canll n call untill u answer 
you said sorry babe i didnt hear
my phone was on silent i was at the gym
but i can clearly hear some other girl's voice 
Animated Pictures Myspace Comments
thats enough sweetheart i dont belive you 
for the facts that your words were never true !
why am i with you 

i dont realy know why 
no wonder all my friends dont like you
Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

at last this is the end of our story
they say she accepted his apology
but finally we get to that she was cheating to
with her ex boyfriend's bestfriend 


Insults Myspace Comments

your dearest Ex girlfriend 
peace out 
whoot whoot

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

thinking of you

fun times fun moment 
fun fun fun
yeah yeah exam week i should be online 
been here for like 2 weeks missed everybody so much
but its fun
thinking of my teddy bear Mr snuggles hahahaha
miss my Mr snuggles 
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Theres no more us ...

Things are gonna change now n wont be the same anymore
by saying the word "end" really does can end everything 
but still :) just move on , life is short so lets just be happy

for what i know now fighting for happiness makes me suffer more
so by that lets not fight anymore n continue life as it is 
im just a 16 years old amature girl who soon gonna be an adult 
and gonna start new things in her life 

so the best thing to do is to let go of everything 
n start something new . 
it does kind of hard to do it 
but heyy , life is hard , life is unfair , life is cruel !
but thats life right ?

Being a muslim  makes me realise all this hardship we're going thru 
is finally gonna be pay off after life .
be a good person n after life we'll get a good pay (well can say like that aii? :P)
anyway maybe its the right thing to do :)
in this part i  need to be selfish . I want to be selfish when it comes to life

maybe at the moment love isnt yet for me 
but sooner or later .. i'll meet my Mr. Right 
by fate brings him to me or bring me to him either way
just have to be patient n pray to god to have a good life 

may god bless me 
i really need his blessing :)
AMIN .. 


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Friday, April 22, 2011


this is a short story of what i thought off when the first time i talk to my boyfriend :) 
(its a song actually i translate it to english n change a bit so it suits my story :P)

His good looking , very tempting
and also rich with all those sweet talks
not much a guy , an average boy ,
a good person , His so awesome >///<

Remember the time you talk to me 
i wanted you to know
the real truth is 

I ... I
I think i like you
i really really really do 

I ... I
I think i like you

i really do like you :P

dedicated to my bf xD 
love you babe :)
Kisses Myspace Comments

My Cutie Pie <3 
i love you Josh!!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


tk text tk call tk chat kat msn or skype
tk ckp pon kat myb !! ISHHH FINEEE 
if that thats what u want then fine !!!!


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Saturday, April 2, 2011

sleepy as hell

damn i feel so sleepy !! but my eyes just wont shut down !!!
my body just wont cooperate with me !!! goodness
i really need some sleep . Cant sleep
oh no !! INSOMNIA !!!! :(
damn it !! plsss i wanna sleep !!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

There's only so many songs 
That I can sing to pass the time 
And I'm running out of things to do 
To get you off my mind 
Love Myspace Comments

All i have is this picture in a frame 
That I hold close to see your face every day 
With you is where I'd rather be 
But we're stuck where we areAnd it's so hard,you're so far 
This long distance is killing me
 I wish that you were here with meKisses Myspace Comments

It's so hard,
Where we are,This is so killing me :(

Broken Heart Myspace Comments

Now the minutes feel like hours 
And the hours feel like days 
i Love You Josh Campbell 
Don't Ever Forget About Me :')  
i'll always love you no matter what  
pls remember that ..

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

hey Ho people

im so freekin hyper todayyyy hehe
so happy n so tired n not to mention yesterday was my dad's b'day
daddy !!
happy b'day to u
happy b'day to u
happy b'day to daddy KUUU hehe
happy b'day to u !!!
i did lots of things today 
like face treatment at a very classic place !!
it was fun n relaxin
here let me embaress myself by showin y'all my pic xD 
lol who careeesss right xD bahahaha
here goess
i'll just show one ok xD !! haha such a humiliation
i didnt plan to take picture but since my annoying bro took it so yeah
just post it hahaha i loikee xD 
i look so weirdd with that smile n that cream mud hahahaha
but its so REFRESHING n again i loikeeee hehe

and alsooooo my mom bought me neckless !!! yiipeeeee hehehe 
im so loving it !!!
she gave me neckless a teddybear n also a pair of ear ring 
yay me for getting all those stuff whoot whoot bahahaha 

here some pic of those gift my mom gave me 
lets take a sneak peek

heres the  teddy bear !!! im so loving it !!!

this is the ear ring tho its kind of blurry its acctually a flower shape with im so loving it !!!! 
i LOIKKEE hahaha

n last but never the least  the neckless i kind of put it at the teddy bear !!! hehehe im a weirdo i know 
im just in love with stuff teddy hehe 

had lots of fun in a day !!! wish i could spend my day with my family everydayyy just like today 

mom dad i love you so much
thanks for showing me the world 
ur daughter

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