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Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello! Myspace Comments

yesterday i called you , you didnt answer
you told me you were out on a dinner 
you told me you were out with ur friend 
but when i ask Tommy he said it wasnt true !

so i drove my car to Damansara
Tommy said maybe your watching football
but when i arrive you !!! YOUR NOT THERE
and i become hella MAD !

so i canll n call untill u answer 
you said sorry babe i didnt hear
my phone was on silent i was at the gym
but i can clearly hear some other girl's voice 
Animated Pictures Myspace Comments
thats enough sweetheart i dont belive you 
for the facts that your words were never true !
why am i with you 

i dont realy know why 
no wonder all my friends dont like you
Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

at last this is the end of our story
they say she accepted his apology
but finally we get to that she was cheating to
with her ex boyfriend's bestfriend 


Insults Myspace Comments

your dearest Ex girlfriend 
peace out 
whoot whoot

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