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Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's always been about me myself and I
If all relationships were nothing but a waste of time
I never wanted to be anybody's other half
I was happy to say that our love wouldn't last
That was the only way I knew to that you

Love Myspace Comments
You make we wanna say
I do,Yeah, I do
Cause every time before we spend like
Maybe yes and maybe no
I can live without it, I can let it go
I did, I get myself into
You make we wanna say I do

Kisses Myspace Comments

Tell me is it only me
Do you feel the same? 
You know me well enough to know that I'm not playing games 
I promise I won't turn around and
I won't let you down You can trust and never feel it now Baby there's nothing, there's nothing we can't get through

Bye Myspace Comments

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