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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New things New Camera ! whoots

Hello! Myspace Comments

what up peepss !!
so yeah i have a new cameraaaaaa n U DONT ! hahaha
Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

so yeah i tested my new camera n so here is the result :)

Captured by henny hen hen lol :P 
kind of suckish tho hahha
heres next

weirdo i know hahha
i dont know why i did that pose haha
feels like a flower girl
i wish i was the bride :P
lol without bride groom hahahaha

candid that came out nice hahha
yay camera man hahha
good job ;)
good thing i dont have to pay you a penny hahha
or not i'd be broke at the time lolss 

this is the masterpiece haha
the most fugly pic with my weird shorts n shirt hahaha
just WOAH haha 
u know what i mean hahah !
ok too much :P

next !!!

Cartoons Myspace Comments

this one ...... emmmmm
idk ... u decide lol :P
didnt acctually listen to songs 
was just u know 
feeell lol
(yap to much)

Yay for Nadya E-pic 
yeah i fail at editing 
amature edit pics like that
so what ? 
haha idk :P

hasta lavista bebeh!!
Bye Myspace Comments

Rainbow Rabbit Fresh Blabing

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