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Sunday, March 13, 2011

hey Ho people

im so freekin hyper todayyyy hehe
so happy n so tired n not to mention yesterday was my dad's b'day
daddy !!
happy b'day to u
happy b'day to u
happy b'day to daddy KUUU hehe
happy b'day to u !!!
i did lots of things today 
like face treatment at a very classic place !!
it was fun n relaxin
here let me embaress myself by showin y'all my pic xD 
lol who careeesss right xD bahahaha
here goess
i'll just show one ok xD !! haha such a humiliation
i didnt plan to take picture but since my annoying bro took it so yeah
just post it hahaha i loikee xD 
i look so weirdd with that smile n that cream mud hahahaha
but its so REFRESHING n again i loikeeee hehe

and alsooooo my mom bought me neckless !!! yiipeeeee hehehe 
im so loving it !!!
she gave me neckless a teddybear n also a pair of ear ring 
yay me for getting all those stuff whoot whoot bahahaha 

here some pic of those gift my mom gave me 
lets take a sneak peek

heres the  teddy bear !!! im so loving it !!!

this is the ear ring tho its kind of blurry its acctually a flower shape with im so loving it !!!! 
i LOIKKEE hahaha

n last but never the least  the neckless i kind of put it at the teddy bear !!! hehehe im a weirdo i know 
im just in love with stuff teddy hehe 

had lots of fun in a day !!! wish i could spend my day with my family everydayyy just like today 

mom dad i love you so much
thanks for showing me the world 
ur daughter

Rainbow Rabbit Fresh Blabing

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